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City Group Company(CGC) a flagship company of Boodai Corporation, a leading business house in Kuwait since 1950.City Group Company (CGC) earlier known as Transport and Warehousing Group (TWG) has started its business activity since 1977, is one of the most successful and fastest growing business house in Kuwait. A dynamic and innovative approach, built on visionary strategic planning has driven the exceptional expansion of the Group since it was established. CGC and its subsidiaries have successfully served the needs of its customers and shareholders and contributed to local, social, industrial and economic growth of the geography.



Public transport Co; A new concept in the public transport was established in Kuwait in2002 with the introduction of CityBus, the first private owned public transport in Kuwait, 100% Public Shareholding Company ambitiously took up the challenge of working alongside major competitors to improve the quality of service provided to the Public.  Innovative, comfortable and convenient, CityBus illustrates CGC’s commitment to improve the quality of life for people from all walks of life in Kuwait.For the past 40 years, the public transport sector in Kuwait was dominated by one company owned by the Government of Kuwait.  On 08 March 2002, this monopolistic trend came to historical end when a new concept in public transport came to life namely Citybus.  Citybus has changed the entire phenomena of public transport and is  dedicated to provide a quality service to the passengers.  Within a span of  six months of its introduction, Citybus became a household name and has shown constant growth.  Citybus has changed the way the public transport is perceived and left a deep impact on the public.



BAG (Boodai Aviation Group) The story began in 1984. A group of dedicated visionaries, with the idea of creating a world-class, full service travel company, launched Boodai Aviation. In the last two decades, the hard work and determination have paid off. Today, Boodai Aviation Group is unquestionable one of the fastest growing aviation conglomerates in Middle East.



TWREG In 2009,  City Group strengthened its cash flow generating capability to  support planned growth initiatives  though the acquisition of  TWREG the warehousing and real estate group. In the short time since its acquisition, the management team has increased the profitability by 90% compared to the previous year, taken steps to implement  effective technology solutions across its  warehousing operations.