CGC’s Profit 1.8m for the Three-month Period Ended on 31-03-2016
CGC’s Board To Meet On 01st May 2016 To Discuss Financials of Period Ending On 31-03-2016
Distribution of CGC’s Cash Dividends as of 18-04-2016

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CGC’s Shares trading without dividends as of Sunday 10th April 2016
KSE announces that CGC’s AGM was held on Thursday 07-04-2016 and approved all the items of the AGM’s agenda for the financial year ending on 31/12/2015 including the followings:

Cash dividends of 60% of the nominal value of share (60 fils per share) declared for all shareholders registered in the company records on the date of AGM. As a result, CGC’s shares will be traded without dividends as of Sunday 10-04-2016.
CGC’s AGM on 07-04-2016 To Discuss 2015’s Dividends

CGC Delisting from KSE as of 19 June 2016

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CGC’s Board recommends cash dividend @ 60% out of profits for year ended 31st December 2015

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CGC’s Board To Meet on 31-01-2016 To Discuss Financials of Period Ending on 31-12-2015

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CMA’s Approval on CGC’s Voluntary Delisting from KSE
KSE announces that CMA has notified its approval on CGC’s voluntary delisting from KSE (main market) as the company has obtained the approval of the extra-ordinary AGM regarding the recommendation on the voluntary delisting in its meeting held on 31-08-2015. CGC’s tradable shares represent 14.69% of the enlisted shares in KSE.
Therefore, upon this approval, the company shall adhere to the procedures stated in article (2-9-1) of the 12th book (Enlisting Rules) of the executive by-law of law no 7 of 2010 and as amended.

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