City Group launches new fleet

City Group Co is thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to CityBus services as we introduce the newest additions to our fleet of buses. Pioneering the forefront of technology and sustainability, our new vehicles promise an unparalleled commuting experience that redefines comfort, convenience, and environmental responsibility. At the heart of our latest fleet expansion lies […]

It’s better when we are together

When bonding with friends & family visits are on cards and passenger cars get unreliable in non-conducive weather conditions. Sit back and relax, as we drive you to your destination with premium comfort and safety.Citylink Shuttle (Kuwait) service ensures you the most fantastic experience this holiday season. The best moments are experienced when shared with the […]

CityLink Shuttle leading the charge in revolutionizing the transportation industry in Kuwait

CityLink Shuttle: Revolutionizing Transportation in Kuwait As the world becomes more connected, the need for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions has become more critical than ever. In Kuwait, CityLink Shuttle is leading the charge in revolutionizing the transportation industry with its on-demand bus service. Advantages of CityLink Shuttle: 📢 – Flexibility and Convenience: With nearby […]

Citylink Shuttle empowers Kuwait consumers with On-Demand Transportation

Empowering Kuwait with On-Demand Bus Transportation 🚏 🚐 🚏 In today’s fast-paced world, innovation plays a vital role in shaping our daily lives. CityLink Shuttle, Kuwait’s leading on-demand bus service, is at the forefront of innovation, transforming the way people travel in Kuwait. With a relentless focus on convenience, flexibility, and sustainability, CityLink Shuttle is […]

CityLink Kuwait – Setting New Benchmarks

CityLink Kuwait – Setting New Benchmarks with Award-Winning Excellence! 🏆🚍 Are you ready to experience a transportation revolution like no other? Step aboard CityLink Kuwait, where excellence, innovation, and global recognition come together to redefine your daily commute. So, let’s embark on this journey together as we pave the way for a greener and personalized […]

Citylink on-demand service is winning over consumers

How Citylink’s On-Demand Bus Service is Winning Over Consumers 🚐 🚏 😀 The traditional concept of bus transportation has undergone a remarkable transformation in Kuwait, thanks to Citylink’s on-demand bus service. Leveraging advanced algorithms and AI, Citylink has introduced a system that not only adapts to real-time rider requests but also enhances efficiency, convenience, and […]

Globally benchmarked account-based payment & ticketing system will enhance customer experience

City Group Co. KSCP represented by Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj Group CEO and Seyi Osiyemi, Director Operations had an incredible experience while engaging and presenting the new CityBus Mobile App to the global public transport community at UITP Global Public Transport Summit in #barcelona In his presentation Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj explained how our globally benchmarked account-based […]