Connecting People And Enhancing Quality Of Life

What’s it like working with City Group

The Culture

We strongly value dedication, ownership, and willingness to support andshare knowledge. Our workplace is structured to support teamwork and reward the success of individuals. City Group is a communication-focused work environment, which encourages establishing and maintaining dialogue between employees and this creates a cooperative atmosphere and an improved team’s collaboration.

The Process

We're User Experience (UX) driven, crazy about digitization, with end-to-end continuous delivery process and heavily relying on peer code reviews. Our teams meet often for updates, discussions, to create action plans, and to support innovative solutions.


We are deeply committed to the well-being and professional development of its employees. We empower our employees, providing them withsolid grounds to grow their careers and have more opportunities to work on exciting projects. We also create a good work-life balance by allowing employees to have a flexible work schedule. We have a relaxed yet hard-working work culture.