Delivering Extraordinary Warehousing

Strategically Located Warehousing Facility

Our warehousing offerings that sets us apart:

  • Dry, AC, Chilled and Frozen facilities, open Area warehouse & store spaces
  • Warehouse units equipped with docking ramps
  • 24×7 Maintenance
  • 24×7 Security
  • Strategically located Gated

TWREG: Kuwait's Leading F&B Warehousing Provider for 22 Years

TWREG, Kuwait’s top F&B warehousing provider, boasts 22 years of expertise in offering specialized storage solutions for food & beverage and industrial FMCG products. With a focus on dry, cold, and frozen products, TWREG offers comprehensive logistics services, including inventory management and order fulfillment. The company partners with over 100 international and regional businesses, catering to various company sizes by understanding their unique needs. TWREG’s tailored approach ensures optimal supply chain efficiency and customized services that meet specific client requirements, solidifying their position as a leader in the sector.

2PL - Second Party Logistics​

Our 2PL warehousing service offers secure and sustainable infrastructure for businesses. We provide temperature controlled storage options and scalable solutions suitable for both multinational corporations and small to large-sized businesses. Partnering with TWREG ensures first-rate warehousing services tailored to specific needs.

3PL - Third Party Logistics​

TWREG’s 3PL solution is specifically tailored to meet the needs of entities within Kuwait’s vibrant F&B industry. By leveraging an Oracle-based Warehouse Management System, TWREG ensures seamless and efficient management of clients’ warehousing requirements. With TWREG’s reliable 3PL solution, clients can have peace of mind, knowing that their warehousing needs are expertly taken care of.