CityBus is now digital

Citybuses are now digital buses. What does this mean to you?

For your safety and security each CityBus is equipped with live streaming CC-TV cameras that are monitored live and 24/7 by our team in Operations Control Centre (OCC).

We now have improved Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) technology that allows to track CityBus more accurately while they are on the routes moving passengers.

We have launched a new CityBus Mobile App for both iOS and Android users. Using the CityBus Mobile App passengers can plan their journey, pay and ride.

New CityBus Mobile App provided very accurate bus locations, arrival time and journey time. You can now buy tickets and passes from the mobile app at your convenience without going to CityBus pass offices. You just need to top-up your wallet and use it for your purchases.

CityBus Mobile App also has discounted offers to you to select and buy. It allows you to manage your account as per your travel need.

Download and register CityBus Mobile App (citybuskw) and get free rides to experience it.