App Features & Account Creation:

1.     How would I download the new CityBus App?

Downloading a new app is a straightforward process. Here’s a general guide on how to download and install an app on your device:

a.     For Android users:

·       Visit the Google Play Store and search for Citybuskw App

·       OR click this link: Citybuskw – Apps on Google Play

·       Install the App on your device.

b.     For iOS users

·       Visit the App Store and search for Citybuskw App

·       OR click this link: Citybuskw on the App Store (

·       Install the App on your device.


c.      As a next step upon downloading, you will be prompted to Register to create your own account.


2.     How To Register and create account

You can create the CityBus mobile App account on your smart phone. Once you have downloaded CityBus mobile app in your mobile device successfully; you shall follow the following steps to create your own account:

a.     Press the Create account button.

b.     Enter your phone or e-mail address.

c.      Enter your Civil ID / Passport no.

d.     Select your password.

e.     Press Create account.

f.      You will receive an OTP as SMS on your provided mobile number.

g.     Enter the OTP & confirm.

OR (In case using email for account creation)

h.     A unique e-mail address verification link will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

i.       check your inbox and click on the link to verify your e-mail address.

j.       Once the system confirms the verification, you will be redirected to your account setup page to enter the information required to complete the account registration.

3.     What are the new features in the New CityBus mobile App?

There are following features in the new CityBus mobile App:



a.     Plan and track journey

This feature allows you to plan and track your journey.

b.     View Bus Stop and Timetable details:

You can see the estimated bus arrival (ETA) time for your selected bus stop for all passing by routes/Buses.

c.      Top-Up your E-Wallet to buy Ticket/Bus Pass:

This is a convenient feature which enables you to top up an e-Wallet, allowing hassle free ticket/Bus pass other product purchases without need to worry about physical transaction or exact change.

d.     Ride and Payment history:

You can see your previous journeys as well as payment transactions history.

e.     Renew your bus pass through App:

This feature facilitates renew the bus pass through mobile App.

f.      Stay updated with new product/feature announcements:

Future discounted/promotional / offers are notified time to time under “Announcement’’ section, which you may wish to opt for.

App Account Management:


4.     How to Top-Up E-Wallet

You can top up your e- wallet using your KNET/Debit or credit card by clicking on Top-Up option. After entering the card details, enter the OTP you get on your registered mobile number of the bank card. You will get a notification of the Top-Up amount once the top up is done.


You may upload by Cash with help of CityBus Representative/Inspector in & around of a bus stop OR at our bus pass office.


5.     How to Buy your ticket/ bus pass using e-wallet

Go to buy tickets/bus pass option, select the desired route and boarding & alighting bus stops, make the payment using amount in your E-Wallet. A notification of the ticket purchase will be received on your mobile app, and you can check the ticket on your mobile app under “tickets/passes” option.


6.     I am unable to Top-Up e-wallet?

There might be several reasons like; Amount you are topping up with, is less than the minimum amount of 3 KD OR Bank card details entered are not correct OR Wrong OTP, etc. You can call our helpdesk for further support.


7.     Do I need a credit card to open an account?

Credit card is not mandatory to open account.


8.     Can I get a refund of the unused balance amount lying in my wallet?

This credit cannot be refunded. The credit in your wallet can be used for the services only. This credit has no expiry date and can be used anytime for CityBus service.


9.     Can I open my account without a mobile number and an email address?

No. Either a local Kuwait mobile phone number or an email ID is required.


10.  Can I use the CityBus mobile App anonymously?

Yes, the app works without account registration as well but with limited functionalities. Features that require account registration (and you will NOT be able to use) are as follows:

a.     Ticket purchases

b.     Top-up Account

c.      Payment history

d.     Favorite locations

e.     Trip history

However, the features that don’t require account registration (and you will be able to use) are   as follows:

a.     Journey planner

b.     Arrivals

c.      Announcements

d.     General info

e.     Help

11.  How can I change my password?

You can change your password, using following steps:

a.     Go to your account (Manage Account)

b.     Select Change password.

c.      Enter your old password.

d.     Enter your new password.

e.     Click Submit

f.      You will be logged out and will be required to log in with the new password.

12.  How is my password encrypted?

Your password is encrypted with the industry standard. We are following the latest guidelines and best practices for your account security.


13.  Is my account data secure?

Yes, your personal data is encrypted with the industry standard. Mobile app and the backend server communicate through a secure https connection. We implement automatic account locking in case the wrong password is entered too many times in a row.

14.  Can I save my favorite bus routes or stops?

Yes, one can save the bus stop under the favorite option in the app menu.

15.  Can I set notifications for bus arrivals?

No, this transportation isn’t meant for individual pick-up/drop-offs, it’s a mass transportation and hence this app doesn’t have this feature.

16.  Can I use Apple/Google Pay to make the payments?

Currently our payment system is not integrated with apple pay / Google pay but this option could be added soon.

17.  What happens if my bus is delayed or cancelled?

This public mass transport service ensures that in case of a delay or cancellation of any bus on a route, the subsequent bus will promptly take its place.

18.  Can I register using a non-Kuwaiti mobile number?

Either a Kuwaiti mobile number or an email address is necessary to register.

19.  Does the app work offline? OR What features remain functional in offline mode?

The system will not function if your mobile device is offline.

20.  How do I show my mobile ticket to the driver?

Tickets bought through the mobile app will be accessible within the “Ticket/Passes” section. Users can then access and validate their tickets using the validator inside the bus.

21.  What is AFC / Account Base Ticketing?


Account-based ticketing (ABT) is a modern approach to fare collection in public transportation systems. Instead of using traditional paper tickets or contactless cards, account-based ticketing relies on passengers creating accounts, which are often linked to a digital payment method, to pay for their fares.


22.  How does this Account Base Ticketing help?

Here’s how account-based ticketing works:


a.     Account Creation: CityBus passengers need to download and create an account through Citybuskw mobile app. This account is linked to personal information, name, contact details, civil ID & payment methods etc.

b.     Easy Management: Passengers can manage their accounts online, monitor & manage their travel history and transactions and if required adjust as needed. This digital interface will minimize the need to visit the bus pass office for renewing their periodic passes & many more such convenient facilities.

c.      Travel: Account-based ticketing offers convenience, flexibility, and a streamlined process for both passengers. It reduces the need for physical cards or cash transactions and minimizes the risk of carrying cash/physical card/risk of theft & misuse etc.

d.     Payment methods: One can use various digital payment methods, like e-wallet/KNET/Debit/Credit card to purchase the ticket/Bus pass. This streamlines the payment process, eliminating the need for physical cash or physical card transactions.




Service, Fare/Products:


22.  What routes CityBus caters to?

CityBus primarily caters for 3 types of routes:

a.     Main Route (13, 15, 16, 21, 21A, 39A, 51, 55, 59, 66, 77, 102A, 103, 106, 507, 747, 999, A1, A2)

This transportation service is for all major residential and commercial areas in Kuwait, using both single & double decker fleet.

b.     X-press Route (66X, 77X, 102X & 106X)

Buses deputed on these routes stop only in significant areas and major bus stops. This is helpful for those who commute on long distance routes and intend to save time.

c.     Airport Route (X1)

CityBus in this case provides buses specifically for airport travel with comfortable seats and dedicated space for luggage.

23.  How much does a trip on CityBus cost?

Our bus fare for the majority of the routes is 300 fils/trip. However, for route# 21/21A, 51 and 59 our fare is 250 fils/trip. You can also buy single and Day pass tickets from the bus driver or using our new mobile App.


24.  Which all tickets/products are available?

There are various kinds of ticket availability and can be paid with using mobile app e-wallet or cash. We have following options available:

a.     Single Journey Ticket

b.     Daily Pass – All route (except Airport Express routes)

c.      Weekly Pass – All route (except Airport Express routes)

d.     Monthly Pass – All route (except Airport Express routes)

e.     Monthly Pass – Single route (except Airport Express routes)

f.      3 Month Pass – All route (except Airport Express routes)

g.     Airport Express Pass – X1 route (valid on all other routes)


25.  How much bus pass will cost?

Once you create your account in Mobile App; from the Ticket/Pass menu you can buy CityBus pass on your mobile at your convenience without going to Pass office. You will find various options from daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly passes for your travel needs.

All routes monthly pass is of KD15, while as single route monthly pass is just KD11. We advise you to buy a CityBus Pass and enjoy the unlimited rides for less than 200 Fils/Ride. The ride cost depends on individual usage.

26.  Reduce your ticket price, as your competition charges 250 fils

To enjoy special fare per ride; we advise you to buy CityBus Pass from CityBus Mobile App without going to Pass Office. With our Periodic Pass you can have ride for less than 200 Fils/Ride; basis your ride usage.

27.  How would I get First “2 Rides Free” after registering for the new mobile App?

After successfully registering into our new mobile App, you will get credited by KD 0.600 in your e-wallet within 24 hrs. which can be used for 2 rides worth KD 0.300 each.

28.  How would I get Discounted Ticket in your new mobile App?

At the moment, discounted tickets are available on route# 21, 51 & 59. Nevertheless, very shortly we are introducing further discounted fare options, which will be notified through the mobile app.

29.  Is there any special discounted fare for Students or Senior Citizens available?

Currently, we do not offer special fares for students or senior citizens. However, please stay tuned for any upcoming promotions or offers that we may announce through mobile notifications. Your continued interest is appreciated, and we’ll ensure you’re informed about any future opportunities. Thank you for your understanding.

30.  What is the validity of CityBus wallet?

Credits seen in your wallet are completely yours. Credit in your wallet can be used for CityBus services only. This credit has no expiry date and can be used anytime for CityBus service.

31.  Can I get a cash refund of my wallet?

We do not make any cash refunds. In exceptional transaction situations, the amount will be refunded to you within 15 (fifteen) working days into the original mode of payment chosen by you. Sometimes banks or financial intermediaries take a longer time to process the refund request. However, if the refund does not happen by the date advised, you may contact us, and we will gladly help you.

32.  Can I pay for my digital ticket partially by credit card and cash?

No, tickets cannot be bought using a combination of 2 (cash & card). The transaction can happen only by one of i.e; cash or card.

33.  Are Tickets or Bus Pass transferable?

No, tickets are personalized and are not transferable.

34.  Can I get a refund of balance fare if I get off at a stop before the destination stop for which I have purchased the ticket?

No; there is no refund in this case.

35.  Can I extend my journey beyond the original destination?

Yes, in that case the customer is expected to purchase a new ticket for the extended journey location before making the exit from the bus.

In case of a customer using mobile app for buying the digital ticket, needs to validate his/her new ticket at the validator of the bus.

36.  What happens to my ticket, if bought incorrectly for any of the following reasons?

There is no refund policy, in any of the situations; customer may face any of the following scenarios:


a.     Wrong Route: Customer is expected to buy the new ticket for the correct route.

b.     Wrong Stop with same fare: We expect customer to be careful while choosing boarding and alighting stops. On a case-to-case basis, the inspector may take discretional decisions to approve/reject the journey.

c.      Wrong Stop with differential fare: We expect customers to be careful while choosing boarding and alighting stops. Customer is expected to buy the new ticket.


37.  Do I need to send copies/scans of my personal documents to avail a special promotion offer?

Currently, we do not offer any special fares. However, please stay tuned for any upcoming promotions or offers that we may announce through mobile notifications. Yes, one may need to produce/upload any particular document to avail a special promotion offer to complete verification process.

38.  The frequency of bus arrivals isn’t good.

Thank you for your feedback, however if you have not yet downloaded the NEW CityBus Mobile App, please do so immediately. In our Mobile App, you can surf through the Travel planner & Journey Tracker, which will not only show you the nearest bus stops and expected time of arrival (ETA) but many other journey details. The ETAs shown are very accurate, unless there are sudden changes enroute which may result into road traffic congestion & therefore disturb our time schedule.

39.  For more information, feedback, or a complaint, where shall I contact?

For more information, query, feedback, or complaint about CityBus or CityBus mobile App, you can contact us by:

E-mail:      Phone: (+965) 1882211