Modernizing Public Transit around the Region

Mass Public Transportation

CityBus has been committed to provide the most sustainable and highest quality services in alignment with Kuwait’s current and future vision. In line to their commitment towards the safety of commuters and a better environment for the residents in this country CityBus has been steering Kuwait’s Mass Transit ecosystem for a brighter tomorrow.

Staff Transit

Go City serves corporates and for the modern workplace goers. We work with you to build a safe, sustainable, and professionally managed service that caters to your needs. It’s all about seamless service to get your employees to and from the workplace or across a large corporate campus or bringing people back to the office from their accommodations.

Demand Responsive Transport

Demand-Responsive Transport is an alternative to personal vehicles or taxis. It aims to address several requirements by promoting optimized public transportation: Supplement public transportation in areas with little to no access to it. Organize transportation for everyone going to work, appointments, shopping, schools etc. Manage late night or off-peak hour trips

Making rides greener, safer and easier.